Windows Map Discovery Application

Highly Advanced 2D Mapping Microsoft Windows app with support for online mapping services and local files and tiles

OFFLINE /Disconnected Limited Availability Mapping

Tech Maven Geospatial has ready to go data and API, GeoRequest Area of Interest API and Pre-Staged Data for Basemaps

Load GIS Mapping files (Offline)

Users can easily load offline tiles (mbtiles & gpkg) and GIS Mapping files (geojson, gpkg vector features, shapefiles, gpx, other)

Open Street Map Vector Tile Basemap

Open Street Map Vector Tile Basemap with Stylesheet Picker and raster tile basemaps

Connect Mapping Services

Users can connect to mapping services (support for ESRI and OGC) and tile layers (vector tiles and raster tiles and elevation )

Catalog Data loading

Catalog Data loading to quickly configure access to online mapping services and online files (geojson, csv, gpx)

Support for User Web Sites as window

Support for User Web Sites as window (pre-defined links to internal applications).

Map Features

Basemap Picker
Bing Maps Oblique Imagery
Go To Coordinates
We can easily add support for :
  • AVL Live Location Tracking with dashboard
  • Geofencing with notifications (location tracking and geofencing can be self hosted or as subscription but no third party service is required)
  • Access to Secured /Private mapping services AGOL/ArcGIS Portal Content or GeoServer Content
  • Integration with existing systems and databases and API’s, work management, asset management other systems.
  • Other live data (OGC SOS, OGC Moving Features, ADS-B, AIS, etc)
  • We are a full service full stack Geospatial development firm and can easily add custom capabilities.

Provide Offline MBtiles/gpkg raster tiles, vector tiles

We are selling this a mapping framework to build custom apps